General Questions

Yes. Web+ is not It is a true design solution, not a mechanical technology product. We create Web+ with a vision to add human touch for web design. We want every website has its unique essence and content focus.

Nowadays the web has been purified by technology. You do not need a genius to develop a website. But the over-purification of the web technology makes the web homogenous. It takes away the character in the communication.

At Mills, we believe design is the interface for technology. We launch Web+ to address the homogenization issue. We want to bring the personality back to the web.

Web+ adopts a friendly content management system and leaves the technology to render the content. Based on our experience, we pre-design the wireframe and automate a series of technical features for you such as analytics, web hosting, web security, content distribution, etc. Web+ designers focus on the design that works for your brand and product communications. Using Web+, you will communicate with the real designers who concern your brand essence and also the real content strategists who will craft good and relevant lead and copy for you.

Web+ adds human touch in your digital communications, keeps the technology friendly, makes your website beautiful and meaningful for your audience.

Why Web+ is not Here is an answer and this one too.

The creativity in the design can be wildly free. We don’t limit your imagination. But we also know that the boundary is in the backend. This is why Web+ has provided over 50 different wireframes to meet your needs. Our designers will be able to create the aesthetics using the Web+ wireframes that fit your communications.

In our experience, you can’t go more than the number of the wireframes that Web+ provides to you, unless you want a round-shaped website 😀 (then someone probably need to invent a round-shaped browser).

Also unlike or other hosted web design services, all the design and content that Web+ create for you will always belong to you. You have the sole ownership of your website. You own the design, you own the content, you even own the CMS.

Web+ is designed to be agnostic and design-neutral. It does not require to link with a particular platform. However, if you want a peace of mind, you can choose our standard onboarding package which comes with everything that you need for a website, from design, content, to technical.

A Web+ website starts with S$27,000. The service fee includes:

  • Designer service
  • Lead content development (English Version)
  • First year of website hosting service
  • First year of domain name registration
  • First year of Website Firewall
  • Full DNS service
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Google Analytics + reports dashboard (more powerful Analytics solution is coming)
  • Training of using the CMS
  • Technical setup

Our price model is per site per year in the first 12 months. You pay maintenance only in subsequent years.

We don’t intend to let Web+ become a mechanical template service or a self-administered tool. There will be a lot of communications, account servicing, design prototyping, copywriting involved during the onboarding process. We mean to do it professionally for your web representation. However, we know we cannot be too obsessive in all the aspects. You can expect a typical Web+ onboarding time is 6 to 8 weeks in general.


Web+ is built on WordPress.  According to W3Techs, WordPress powers 35% of all the websites on the Internet, holding a 62% market share for content management systems. Or to put it another way, WordPress powers over 1/3 of the web.

The default Web+ server is in Singapore. But we do provide choices in North America, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Toronto, and Bangalore to host your website.

A typical Web+ server configuration is:

  • Linux VM
  • 6 vCPUs
  • 16GB memory
  • 25GB SSD
  • 6TB DTR per month

This configuration should be adequate for most of the marketing and product websites with decent traffic.

All Web+ service is HTTPS enabled. Web+ provides daily backup with storage for 30-days archive. We also give you a downtime monitoring tool and brute-force attack protection.